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Depending on the project, our level of involvement as executive producers varies.

Our experienced team will steer your project to excellence by helping your project get organized, so nothing falls through the cracks. 

There is no "one" real recipe for a film’s success. However, being organized and allocating enough time and resources to all stages of production, is key. Most creatives will say there are seven phases in film production, but often not enough thought is applied to some of those stages, such as finance and marketing. 

Development • Financing • Pre-production • Production • Post-production • Marketing • Distribution

With an experienced business analyst and strategist on our team, no stone is left unturned. 

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We have heard you!!

You have made your film, and now what?

We will facilitate the distribution process of your project through our connections and network with mainstream players.

We will also provide you with a digital platform to reach your desired and intended levels of viewership.

We have met countless filmmakers in our short history of the last few months who, despite the high quality of productions as well as financial backing in some cases, have not been able to access the distribution platforms they deserve. 

That's when we decided to take action!

Matching productions to distribution platforms is no easy feat.

Our unique distribution business model will attract attention from distribution giants by providing them with analytics of viewership and acceptance through our proprietary algorithms. Whilst our subscribers will allow your production to reach the man in the street at the same time. 

The platform can also be used for community-based filmmakers to reach their intended subgroups and audiences.

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Our creative capabilities can assist you with storyline and script, and aligning to its desired audience. 

Our strategic compliance and risk management capability will assist you in avoiding pitfalls in your development process.

Our finance facilitating capabilities will ensure your concept and creative development  is in congruence with what the market requires.  

Ideas are wonderful. That light-bulb-moment when you visualize yourself walking on the red carpet, may be enough to make you believe that you have the next box office hit on your hands.

However, audiences are rarely on the same page as you, and the message you wanted to convey might not be received as intended.

Through careful analysis of your content, creative input from our diverse team and insightful business understanding, we will help you strengthen your audience reach by ensuring your story ticks all the boxes. 

Abaka Amara Productions | Abaka Amara | Production Company Cape Town | Cape Town Productions


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